Thu, Nov 24, 2011
Here comes a short and simple example for ABAP Programming. Suppose you want to make some more flexible function module for searching data in database table, that depending on parameters that are passed (can be optional), forms the WHERE clause of select statement. In ABAP this is pretty straight forward: FUNCTION zsfli_sflight_getlist. *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- *"*"Local Interface: *" IMPORTING *" VALUE(P_CARRID) TYPE ZSFLIGHT-CARRID OPTIONAL *" VALUE(P_CONNID) TYPE ZSFLIGHT-CONNID OPTIONAL *" VALUE(P_FLDATE) TYPE ZSFLIGHT-FLDATE OPTIONAL *"

Mon, Aug 1, 2011
I used to fight for a while with strange issue. I am using Singleton in my iOS application to hold Session information. Unfortunately when using NSMutableArrayList to hold stack of current objects - the references become empty at some point and there is a warning like: warning: Attempting to create USE_BLOCK_IN_FRAME variable with block that isn't in the frame. While searching on the net - I have mentioned one comment about using singletons - well - this was my lead.