Playing with kaniko and kubernetes internal docker registry

Publish date: Jul 1, 2018
General idea here is to deploy a docker resgistry inside kubernetes and to use it just for putting the images that we build in the cluster, and to serve them to the same cluster. Few considerations We are not going to secure the registry, the presumtions will be that your k8s cluster nodes run in a private network. If you want to secure pulling images in a secure way, you have to consider few more steps.

gcqlsh - Cassandra cql shell written in Golang

Publish date: Oct 30, 2016
It has been a long time since the last post. It is time to show my new open source project - gcqlsh. The idea came when I was preparing some Cassandra docker images and I wanted to stay minimalistic with our CI infrastructure. So I have based my Cassandra docker image on Alpine. Unfortunatly came the frustration with installing python and all the dependencies. On the other hand, I needed an utility for automating the schema creation withing the docker container on first start.

Caching prepared SQLite statements in iOS application

Publish date: Aug 2, 2013
Many applications use Core data for iOS devices, others utilize frameworks like fmdb. But there are also people that write SQLite access from scratch. The comes the answer - how do you cache prepared statements (I will not discuss here why we cache prepared statements)? Well - I have implemented 2 methods: 1) Using C syntax to maintain array of sqlite_stmt* 2) Using NSPointerArray* to store sqlite_stmt* that are prepared First approach has it’s advantages in regards of using older SDKs (NSPointerArray is available from iOS 6.

Migrating from SVN to GIT

Publish date: Apr 21, 2013
Suppose you have a SVN repository and you would like to move to GIT - there might be many arguments around this. Well - here are some steps that I have tried to synthesise after many attempts and reading in internet. I am sure there are many approaches, but this one works for me straight forward. The whole procedure consists of several steps: Extracting users from SVN and creating a mapping file SVN_USER <-> GIT_USER Cloning SVN repository into GIT repository Migrating branches Migrating tags Creating new GIT detached repository and pushing all changes to it Here are some assumptions:

When WordPress responds with 404 Error at wp-admin

Publish date: Apr 20, 2013
Somethimes is can happen, that when you try to access your blog at http://yourhost/youblog/wp-admin you end with a page showing 404 Error and in the url we see that we have been forwarded to http://yourhost/youblog/wp-login.php?... If you trace the logs of the server, what you will find is something similar to: client denied by server configuration: wp-login.php If this is the case - so most probably the problem comes from .