I used to have at home a network, based on Linksys WRT54G router - classical model, that served me already 2-3 years (I even don't remember when I got it). It bothered me for a long time, that when trying to browse with iPad in one of the rooms - I used to loose network signal, or it was so fuzzy so that the pages did not load. At last I made a test and realized that the bottleneck in my network is the wireless rooter - it was even limiting my Internet speed in it's best performance. So this was the point to decide to get a new home wireless router. It was obvious that the choice should go for Wireless N router. There are a lot of reviews in internet, between the best routers on the market. I am Apple fan, so my first thing was to check Apple Airport Express and Extreme. Express was to simple for me (I need to connect iPhones, iPads, Desktop machines and MacBooks), so I went looking for Airport Extreme and the things people have issues with. One of them was PPPoE, which is key thing in my Internet Provider. This totally discouraged me, so the choice was left in the hands of Netgear, Cisco and Belkin. From my experience with the old WRT54G - I have the confidence that Cisco deliver a good quality - I haven't restarted my router, or the connection more than a year. So my choice went in the direction of E series of Cisco. So I chose one of the top - E3000 - my main reasons for this choice were the ability to put dd-wrt (if I want to) and that all reviews pointed to really good reception and signal.

Believe me - I am very happy with that choice. I have made a few tests with old and new router and the results a clear enough:

Against the new results:

Let me be clear - the test is made from one and the same place, I used to put my laptop, with one and the same testing engine.

In conclusion - if you have computers at home that support Wireless N standard, and still have an old router with a/b/g network - go for the new one - you will not regret.

Just one notice - I have expected much better performance from Cisco E3000 with USB disks - it is quite slow in this area. The second disappointment is that you cannot use Time Machine backups on Wireless Storage through this router - when I try the DD-WRT distribution - I will post the results.