This is post for Mac fans - everyone else should leave know.

I used to love dark themes when working in Linux desktop. Even on Windows I used to set a dark theme, so that it doesn't bother my eyes.

Something that I love for Gnome and Kde desktops is customization - you can make your UI look the way you want, the way you like it. Most of the time, I used to set my Linux desktop to look like Mac :-P, but this is something else to be discussed.

What I like the most of new iOS interface is the simplicity, and the dark side of it - don't get me wrong - I am not of the followers of Darth Vader, just like having bright only in the application focus.

So the challenge was till today, when I read un article on how to make Mac Menu Bar - Dark. In this article people just direct to software that has Night and Day mode of the interface - and the trick is to use just the function for making the menu bar - black. So here is the receipt:

  1. Nocturne - version 2.0+ (set only the “Invert menu bar” option)

  2. If you want to have old-like dock, similar to mine - use CandyBar (Option “Simple Dock”)

(Small update: You don't have to use CandyBar for making Dock look like older versions. The way to do it is to edit file ~/Library/Preferences/ and to set “no-glass” property to YES)

and here is the result: