If you are working for large international company, or just participate in projects that are executed by teams/people in different locations - it is likely that you have to work with WebEx. It runs quite soothly on Windows XP/Vista/7 under Firefox, Internet Explorer. But when you go to Mac - suddenly you stick with the message

“One moment please”

And this is the last and only thing that you see on you browser. In this case I used to work with VM with Windows XP and running WebEx session there, but a fellow from a company that we work with, gave me a hint - Set 32-bit mode to Safari, and it will run the plugin that renders WebEx. And there you go.

(If you are interested how to set **32-bit mode to Safari__** - Open Finder, Navigate to Applications. Select Safari and press Cmd+I - Info. There you have the checkbox to set: