I have decided today to clean up my old Lenovo T60 - I was missing space for my son's movies. Decided - I chose Ubuntu Linux, because I have already tried it for so many times, and I know that it usually installs smoothly. So I downloaded 11.04 Desktop edition. I burned it on CD, backup child movies from Windows Machine T60, and started the install. It ran for not more than 30 min, and everything was there - browser, torrent client, games. It took me 1 more hour to copy back the movies and the machine was ready to serve my 2 1/2 years old boy. Amazing! New UI, very similar to the one I am using on Mac (if I was not working on OS X maybe I would consider installing Ubuntu). No issues with suspend, no issues with Wifi, no issues with codecs and movie playing… What can I say - perfect and easy. Thank you guys (from Linux, Ubuntu community) for creating such a good software!

PS: For those that are thinking about not only home usage, but office too - Ubuntu comes with integrated Office packages - and it is completely free!