Today I have tried to connect to my company's VPN. Few days ago I have already upgraded my Snow Leopard with Mac OSX Lion. When trying to start RSA SecurID to obtain my token, the application responded with: “Error loading the application. Contact your administrator.”

When trying to search for solution, I found this post in Apple support forums:

There some guy from RSA says that they know about the issue and are working to fix it for next version, which will be available in September. So if you want to use lion and to have VPN tokens - use your phone. There are clients for j2me and iOS phones for sure. I am using the one on iPhone, and it works great.

UPDATED(2011-08-20): You can use the link to download version 4.0 and use it till RSA fix the latest one. - solution is provided by Darren in follow-up comments (thanks!).

UPDATED(2011-09-29): There is already a new version of the application. You can download it here: Thanks to Gavin for providing the news and the URL.