Playing with kaniko and kubernetes internal docker registry

General idea here is to deploy a docker resgistry inside kubernetes and to use it just for putting the images that we build in the cluster, and to serve them to the same cluster. Few considerations We are not going to secure the registry, the presumtions will be that your k8s cluster nodes run in a private network. If you want to secure pulling images in a secure way, you have to consider few more steps.

gcqlsh - Cassandra cql shell written in Golang

It has been a long time since the last post. It is time to show my new open source project - gcqlsh. The idea came when I was preparing some Cassandra docker images and I wanted to stay minimalistic with our CI infrastructure. So I have based my Cassandra docker image on Alpine. Unfortunatly came the frustration with installing python and all the dependencies. On the other hand, I needed an utility for automating the schema creation withing the docker container on first start.