When unlock icon does not work on MacOS X

I had encounter several times that when using MaxOS X Lion, when I try to unlock system preferences (usually for setting user access, privacy settings, etc) - the unlock icon does not respond - does nothing. Well - google-ing all over - I found my solution. Just open terminal and type the following 2 commands: rm -rf ~/Library/Preferences/ sudo killall -9 securityd Enjoy~

Setting environment variables in Mac OS X

Once you have experience (or not) with some uX system, at some point you have to deal with environment variables, especially if you intend to do some development. I used to come from Open Source uX systems, and some old ones like HPUX, AIX, Solaris. When I switched to OS X, which is to some extent BSD - I had to find the best way to deal with env. variables. So - here are the ones that I use

Quit MacOS safely

It is very unlikely, but that comes with MacOS is sometimes very buggy. Often it does not quit safely, and you have to kill it using Activity Monitor. It is especially annoying when it prevents computer from Shutdown. There is one trick, that at least for me - works every time. Before you quit the - turn all accounts offline: Wait until all accounts move to offline mode (Flash sign at the end of account) and quit Mail.

Removing ".picasaoriginals" on uX system

Often I am facing one and the same issue - deleting backup folder of Picasa. There are usually lots of rotated images or movies. So usually this is the first place to search for free space. Here is one very short way to delete these subdirectories: cd ~/Pictures find . -iname '.picasaoriginals' -exec rm -rf '{}' \; This will remove all subdirectories from your “Pictures” folder that have name .

'Preview' crashes under Mac OSX Lion - FIX

It happened, that when I upgraded to Lion, for some reason Preview stopped working. This was new to me - usually I don’t expect such behavior under Mac OS. Seems that lots of people had this, especially the ones that have upgraded MBP with SDD and having HDD at the place of Optical Drive. In this case you make SymLinks in your home directory pointing to HHD for Downloads (for Photos, Music, Movies or anything that you can afford to play from slow media and takes more space, which is expensive on SSD).

RSA SecurID does not work on Mac OSX Lion - UPDATED 2

Today I have tried to connect to my company’s VPN. Few days ago I have already upgraded my Snow Leopard with Mac OSX Lion. When trying to start RSA SecurID to obtain my token, the application responded with: “Error loading the application. Contact your administrator.” When trying to search for solution, I found this post in Apple support forums: There some guy from RSA says that they know about the issue and are working to fix it for next version, which will be available in September.

Finder consumes 100% CPU

Recently I have mentioned that my Mac is unusually busy, even when I am not compiling code, but just browsing of Internet or files. Running Activity Monitor - it was showing Finder on top, almost all the time consuming 100% of CPU. Event with 2 cores - Mac was struggling with some simple tasks. I thought at this moment - I cannot believe I will have the same stupid stuff like on Windows, when there is some missing Network Resources.

Running WebEx session under MacOS

If you are working for large international company, or just participate in projects that are executed by teams/people in different locations - it is likely that you have to work with WebEx. It runs quite soothly on Windows XP/Vista/7 under Firefox, Internet Explorer. But when you go to Mac - suddenly you stick with the message “One moment please” And this is the last and only thing that you see on you browser.

Black Leopard

This is post for Mac fans - everyone else should leave know. I used to love dark themes when working in Linux desktop. Even on Windows I used to set a dark theme, so that it doesn’t bother my eyes. Something that I love for Gnome and Kde desktops is customization - you can make your UI look the way you want, the way you like it. Most of the time, I used to set my Linux desktop to look like Mac :-P, but this is something else to be discussed.